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Personality types
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It's time to discover your personality type

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Discover your archetypes

Who are you in the fantasy world? Develop your character and discover your unique class.

Your Hogwarts House

Who are you in the fantasy world? Develop your character and discover your unique class.


Who are you in the fantasy world? Develop your character and discover your unique class.

The 16 Archetypes

Avatar Race
The Avatar
INFJ Personality Type
ENFP The Elves
The Elf
ENFP Personality Type
The Fairy
INFP Personality Type
ENFJ Personality Type, Genie Archetype
The Genie
ENFJ Personality Type
The Undead
INTJ Personality Type
ENTP The Troll Race
The Troll
ENTP Personality Type
INTP The Gnome Race
The Gnome
INTP Personality Type
ENTJ - The Goblins
The Goblin
ENTJ Personality Type
ISTJ Golem Archetype
The Golem
ISTJ Personality Type
ESTP - The Satyr
The Satyr
ESTP Personality Type
The Minotaur
ISTP Personality Type
ESTJ The Giant Race
The Giant
ESTJ Personality Type
ISFJ - The Treant
The Treant
ISFJ Personality Type
ESFP - The Mermaid
The Mermaid
ESFP Personality Type
ISFP - The Dryad
The Dryad
ISFP Personality Type
ESFP The Nymph Archetype
The Nymph
ESFP Personality Type

Your Radiant Order

In what radiant order do you belong?

Surgebinders, Radiant Order Test, Stormlight Archives Test

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