Three types…

I wrote about three people who I appreciated, one in each verse of this poem. Can you guess what personality type each of them might be? (I have no idea if this is easy or difficult!) Clue: my own type is INTJ and none of these are very far from that type, though we are all different types.

Your apple hair
Made me fall up the tree
Where the knowledge was gently hiding

Your inside-out love
That is always moving
Like a wound healing under a plaster

You head for home
Under chocolate skies
With your face as unmade as a newborn


  1. I love it!

    My guesses are INFJ, INFP and lastly ENFP! Because my ENFP loves chocolate.

  2. I would say the second and third talk about an INFP and an INTP, but I’m not sure about the first. Maybe ENTJ.

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