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This week, I made a new test based on Brandon Sanderson's works "Stormlight Archive." I was interested to see renowned Fantasy author Brandon Sandersons take on personality psychology. And I was blown away by the insight and detail he put into this system.

The Ten Radiant Orders

Brandon draws up a system where people can pledge themselves to one of ten possible orders depending on the number one thing you want to improve in yourself. Often, the characters in his books, start out as broken people, the opposite of who they want to be.

These people then end up, in a desire to change, attracting Spren, fairy-like beings. They attract Spren by demonstrating an unusual perceptiveness, remarkable honesty, extreme courage or strong honour. Every order is associated with two distinct personality traits and two distinct Fantasy style magical powers, so called Surges.

Thanks to the Stormlight Archive wiki for inspiration and information.


At their worst, they struggle with feeling like failures. They are often outcasts or criminals who end up changing their ways, instead deciding to become better versions of themselves.

Bernie Sanders comes to mind as a Windrunner like type. Think a frontrunner, somebody who goes before others and chooses honour. Somebody who doesn't ask themselves what they can do, but rather what is right.


Strongly principled and fair people at their best, but often with dark pasts, these are people that struggle to make up for their crimes and to make amends with those they have wronged in life.

Steve Irwin comes to mind here.


When young, these types could sometimes act cowardly or defiantly towards their peers or parents. But over time, these types came to decide to change or improve themselves by becoming more brave and more respected by others.

William Wallace, Braveheart


Selfish or greedy at their worst, but generous and kind at their best. This type is often a saviour of others, a knight in shining armour, or somebody that spreads joy or love around them.

Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres are two people who come to mind.


Clever and perceptive at their best, but feel stupid or ignorant at their worst. This type is known for exceptional vision and pioneering new research, but they can also become quacks who dabble in conspiracy theories or crazy ideas.

If Albert Einstein knew he was developing the framework for the atomic bomb, he might not have put forward his research the way he did.


Honest and highly creative at their best, but deceitful or dishonest at their worst. A creative but sometimes self-deceptive type like Kanye West or somebody who seeks to change how we see art or music or life.

Vincent van Gogh and Robin Williams who was a creative genius might fit this type best. Or why not Brandon Sanderson himself?


Wise and self-controlled at their best, naive or childish at their worst. The Dalai Lama might fit this order the best. This type seeks to act with wisdom and to make the right choice in every situation, speaking and choosing their words carefully.


Somebody who has been tested and who has been put before an impossible problem and instead of giving up decided to work hard and with focus to create a solution to this problem. This type of person is often concerned with the legacy they leave behind.

As a superhero, Iron Man. In real life, a person like Elon Musk or a DaVinci might fit better.


People who have decided to become strong and real to who they are. People who choose to be consistent and willful in their life and actions. Sometimes, these people grow up feeling lost or unsure of who they are, but when they can find themselves...

Elizabeth II (The queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of England)


Somebody who decides to believe in something higher in life. Often pious or a person of higher vision, but at times, a person who can struggle with doubt and questions. They can be held back or feel powerless to achieve their vision and sometimes think of giving up, but at their best, they steel themselves to achieve their dreams.

Barack Obama

Lessons from the Stormlight Archive Personality Psychology

Building this test taught me some valuable perspectives on growth dynamics and personal transformation. I was once again reminded that we are never done and that there is always a higher place to reach for. We are never perfect and we all make mistakes.

I also learnt that our wishes and dreams in life say a lot about who we are or at least about who we are trying to become. Will is an important dimension of personality psychology as it changes our motives and makes us more full and complex people. We should not just judge ourselves on who we are right now but should know that we are on a journey towards something, and as Brandon Sanderson said in his books, choose the journey before the destination.

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