A good friend argued that there were no good representations of INTJ Disney princesses. I would argue that Elsa in Frozen comes close. She is self-controlled, she holds herself back, she BUILDS HER OWN CASTLE. She’s quite literally an INTJ Architect. She is also reserved and struggles to let other people in to her life.

Anyways, I decided to write my own Disney fairy tale with an INTJ lead, and this is what I got:

The INTJ Disney Princess

Our good INTJ princess does not dress well or speak in a positive way. She is socially clumsy and has a weird laugh. Her animal sidekick is an unpredictable fox who can turn invisible. The younger princess has an older, kind, but carefree and reckless ESFP brother. He is popular and loved by all, but never thinks before he speaks or acts. The king dies under mysterious circumstances and the two face the pain together.

The ESFP Prince is struggling to reconcile with his new duties and expectations as he is set to be crowned the next king. The INTJ princess must marry off to the older, dimwitted king of another country. Forced to dress well and act more likeable, she is quite literally in INTJ hell. Until she uncovers a secret plot. Blessed with the gift of foresight, she is able to use a crystal ball to find out the truth about the evil king.

It turns out, she sees, that the king of the other country is not stupid at all, but is slowly working to take over her kingdom and stop her brother’s coronation. He was even the one that killed her dad!

The INTJ Self-Actualisation Story

Nobody will believe our good INTJ princess, so she has to find a way to stop the plot on her own. She is slowly spiralling into increased impopularity by the people during the show. But when she manages to stop the plot, she becomes redeemed. After her biggest failure, she throws away her pretty clothes and gives up fitting in. She goes to her room and she thinks up a master plan to stop the evil king and prevent her own marriage.

Her strategy works all the way until the end, but an unexpected event causes her plan to fall apart in the last moment and the evil king looks to take the win. But her brother, in a surprising moment of clarity, has secretly been acting innocent. It turns out he was well aware of the plan and had got the evil king right where he wanted him.

Using his superhuman strength, he lifts the evil king and throws him to the wall. It is enough for the INTJ Princess to regain control and beat the evil king. In the end, she reveals the evil kings evil plot, she is redeemed in the eyes of her people.

Her irresponsible brother’s coronation is saved. But just as he is about to be crowned, he takes off the crown and says “I don’t need the crown to be popular. My sister would make a better ruler of this country.” She is responsible, she is wise, and she always looks out for us.”

She is elected queen and the people cheer.


Movie two is about her realisation that she is sick and tired of being responsible for everyone else. In movie two, she gives up the crown and goes on vacation. The city falls apart and people have to learn to be responsible of themselves.

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