Which Brandon Sanderson character belongs to which of the Ten Radiant Orders?


At their worst, they struggle with feeling like failures. They are often outcasts or criminals who end up changing their ways, instead deciding to become better versions of themselves.

Elend from Mistborn is a good example of a Mistborn with his desire to protect the people around him. Some say Edgedancer, but if he was, he would not have made a good ruler. Vin should also be a Windrunner, she even mentions the second oath at one point.


Strongly principled and fair people at their best, but often with dark pasts, these are people that struggle to make up for their crimes and to make amends with those they have wronged in life.

Skyward/Starsights Spensa has been described by Brandon Sanderson as a Skybreaker.


When young, these types could sometimes act cowardly or defiantly towards their peers or parents. But over time, these types came to decide to change or improve themselves by becoming more brave and more respected by others.

Kelsier from the Mistborn series is a good example of a Dustbringer. Brave and respected and feared and a champion of those who are suffering. Brandon also argued that Rashek might have made an okay Dustbringer.


Selfish or greedy at their worst, but generous and kind at their best. This type is often a saviour of others, a knight in shining armour, or somebody that spreads joy or love around them.

Lightsong from Warbeaker is a great example of a Edgedancer with his sense of humor and sometimes gluttonous ways, he can remind much of Lift from Stormlight Archives. In the end, a very kind person. Siri from Warbreaker might also be an Edgedancer.


Clever and perceptive at their best, but feel stupid or ignorant at their worst. This type is known for exceptional vision and pioneering new research, but they can also become quacks who dabble in conspiracy theories or crazy ideas.

M-Bot might be a good example of a Truthwatcher. Also, he cannot lie.


Honest and highly creative at their best, but deceitful or dishonest at their worst.

Wayne is a great example of a Lightweaver. Hoid is a Lightweaver.


Wise and self-controlled at their best, naive or childish at their worst. This type seeks to act with wisdom and to make the right choice in every situation, speaking and choosing their words carefully.

Steris from Mistborn 2nd era might fit this bill best. Vivenna also represents this dynamic really well.


Somebody who has been tested and who has been put before an impossible problem and instead of giving up decided to work hard and with focus to create a solution to this problem. This type of person is often concerned with the legacy they leave behind. They often have a bad history and lots of bad choices behind them.

Venli is a good example of a Willshaper.


People who have decided to become strong and real to who they are. People who choose to be consistent and willful in their life and actions. Sometimes, these people grow up feeling lost or unsure of who they are, but when they can find themselves…

Vasher from Warbreaker is propably a Stoneward character.


Somebody who decides to believe in something higher in life. Often pious or a person of higher vision, but at times, a person who can struggle with doubt and questions. They can be held back or feel powerless to achieve their vision and sometimes think of giving up, but at their best, they steel themselves to achieve their dreams.

Scholar Sazed from Mistborn is a great example of a Bondsmith.

Did I forget anyone? Let me know in the comments below. And take the test yourself to figure out which Radiant Order you belong to!

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