Typing fictional characters can be difficult, because fictional characters can be rewritten to fit a story, or can occupy many different sometimes contradictory personality traits. But here are my guesses for the compelling thriller You.

The MBTI Types of YOU

Joe Goldberg INFP

Because he’s romantic, has a twisted sense of personal ethics, tends to fantasise a lot, and ends up improvising frequently.

Secondary options: INFJ or INTJ

Guinevere Beck: ESFJ

Secondary options: ENFJ, ESFP

Love Quinn: INTJ

Very hard to type, but NT is clear for this one. I think we have much to learn about her in Season 3.

Secondary options: ENTP, ENTJ

Forty Quinn: ESFP

The perfect anti-thesis to Joe Goldberg.

Ellie: ENTP

Head on her shoulders, independent, and a rebel.

Delilah Elves, ISTJ

Critical, cautious, sees through you.

Dr Nicky: ENFJ

Caring, good intentioned, but makes a lot of mistakes

Candace: ESTP

Headstrong, reckless, confident

Will: INFJ

Naive, innocent, and nerdy.

Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments down below

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