You MBTI Types, 16 Personalities You, Joe Goldberg MBTI

Typing fictional characters can be difficult, because fictional characters can be rewritten to fit a story, or can occupy many different sometimes contradictory personality traits. But here are my guesses for the compelling thriller You. The MBTI Types of YOU Joe Goldberg INFP Because he’s romantic, has a twisted senseContinue Reading

Which Brandon Sanderson character belongs to which of the Ten Radiant Orders? Windrunners At their worst, they struggle with feeling like failures. They are often outcasts or criminals who end up changing their ways, instead deciding to become better versions of themselves. Elend from Mistborn is a good example ofContinue Reading

INTJ Disney Princess

A good friend argued that there were no good representations of INTJ Disney princesses. I would argue that Elsa in Frozen comes close. She is self-controlled, she holds herself back, she BUILDS HER OWN CASTLE. She’s quite literally an INTJ Architect. She is also reserved and struggles to let otherContinue Reading

Surgebinders, Radiant Order Test, Stormlight Archives Test

This week, I made a new test based on Brandon Sanderson’s works “Stormlight Archive.” I was interested to see renowned Fantasy author Brandon Sandersons take on personality psychology. And I was blown away by the insight and detail he put into this system. The Ten Radiant Orders Brandon draws upContinue Reading


Register on Archetopias and create your own fun profile. Let us know what element you are, what your favourite book and movie characters are, discuss your favourite fictional type. On this website, you can submit your own short stories and reviews. Submit your own story about the Air Element orContinue Reading

Imagine a world ruled by elements and gods and divine forces. In today’s story, we’re using everything we’ve learned about personality psychology to build a world of archetypes and examples that can help us understand different psychological concepts.  In the world, there are four elements. Ketek, representing mass, and hisContinue Reading