Icebreaker novel

Cramped spaces gave him the heebie jeebies! Of course, he would never admit to being uncomfortable. A man in his line of work couldn’t afford to show weakness. Despite his every effort, his shoulders wiggled of their own accord, trying to release the tension. He glared at the walls, asContinue Reading


Register on Archetopias and create your own fun profile. Let us know what element you are, what your favourite book and movie characters are, discuss your favourite fictional type. On this website, you can submit your own short stories and reviews. Submit your own story about the Air Element orContinue Reading

Imagine a world ruled by elements and gods and divine forces. In today’s story, we’re using everything we’ve learned about personality psychology to build a world of archetypes and examples that can help us understand different psychological concepts.  In the world, there are four elements. Ketek, representing mass, and hisContinue Reading