Character Builder

See how you score on different scales and traits used in classic role playing games. Get matched into an archetype based on your strongest stats. Do you prefer to get by using a combination of wit and dexterity or would you prefer to use strength and initiative to overwhelm yourContinue Reading

This test will try to figure out if starsigns are real. Take the test and see if I can predict your starsign by asking you some questions about your personality! According to some, our personality can be understood by what element we have more of in us. Some are saidContinue Reading

Sixteen races test

An MBTI based personality test that figures out your fantasy alter ego based on your core values. Are you an INTJ Dragon, an ENFP Unicorn, an ESTP Satyr or an ISTJ Golem type? 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Share Share Share Share Share