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16 Races Personality Test

Understand yourself & others

What race should you have been born as?

Perhaps you should have been born as an Elf, not a human. Take my test and find out!

An MBTI based personality test that figures out your fantasy alter ego based on your core values. Are you an INTJ Dragon, an ENFP Unicorn, an ESTP Satyr or an ISTJ Golem type?

1.I prefer material wealth over wisdom and ideas
2.I would rather have the truth than money
3.I would rather stick to tradition than chase after ‘what ifs’
4.I would explore an unknown place even if a sign said "forbidden entry"
5.I would give up on physical pleasure for magical powers
6.I would rather have trust & respect than freedom
7.I would give up on power and authority in the name of my own independence
8.I want to be able to build or design anything
9.I believe my hands are meant for nurture rather than violence
10.I want to fight for and protect those who need me
11.I prefer to encourage and motivate than to criticize others
12.My own individuality and ethics are more important than the law or my responsibilities
13.My community and the people who depend on me are more important than my own desires
14.I believe my responsibilities to my society come before my own needs
15.I believe my own self-interest is more important than the feelings of others
16.My family, my attachments, and the real world is more important than one's dreams

Did you get the result you expected?

Erik Thor

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ENFP Personality Type

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