Character Builder

See how you score on different scales and traits used in classic role playing games. Get matched into an archetype based on your strongest stats. Do you prefer to get by using a combination of wit and dexterity or would you prefer to use strength and initiative to overwhelm your opponent?

1.I am calm and level headed about most things I do
2.I am charismatic and persuasive
3.I tend to rely on my brain and logic to solve problems
4.I don’t give up no matter how long something takes
5.I am witty and good at thinking up creative solutions
6.I am energetic and passionate about most things I do
7.I rely on strength and skill to solve problems
8.I am good at staying neutral and impartial in a discussion
9.I am good at resolving and managing my own emotions
10.I’m swift and tend to get things done fast
11.I’m tenacious and persistent and don’t give up easily
12.I connect patterns and figure out problems instantly
13.I rely on strength and toughness to get by in life
14.I can stay cold and detached about most thing
15.I tend to have strong feelings about most things I do
16.I rely on adaptability and openness to solve problems
17.I can come off as clumsy or awkward
18.I tend to appear sensitive or weak
19.I can be easily misunderstood as rude or unempathetic
20.I may fall victim to wishful thinking or foolish idealism
21.I am sometimes too passive or reactive
22.I can sometimes be a little slow or behind on things
23.I often forget to think before I speak
24.I often lack energy or motivation

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