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Can I Guess Your Starsign?

Understand yourself & others

Elements Test

This test will try to figure out if starsigns are real. Take the test and see if I can predict your starsign by asking you some questions about your personality!

According to some, our personality can be understood by what element we have more of in us. Some are said to be more "Fire" like, and others more like "Water". The elements have been used to explain differences in personality since the early days of human civilisation.

The test figures out your Starsign by grouping you into an element and seeing what quality of an element you have. According to astrology, there are three primary qualities, depending on if you are born in the beginning (Grey), middle (Light), or end of a season (Dark). And regardless if astrology is right or wrong, it can still get you thinking about yourself, your life, and your destiny.

Let me know what result you get in the comments below!

1.It's hard for me to tell someone if I'm upset with them
2.I’m very focused on what is right and wrong
3.I would always tell someone off if they did something wrong
4.I can spend years thinking or processing something
5.I’m constantly plotting and weighing what to say or do next
6.I find myself being sad one minute and happy the next
7.I find myself feeling bad about things people told me years ago
8.I constantly think about how other people perceive me
9.I get hurt very easily, but I also forgive very easily
10.I like to collect and gather different things for my home
11.I’m constantly thinking about how to survive
12.I can fit in with almost any group
13.I consider everyone’s opinions carefully before forming my own
14.It’s very important for me to get time to think and prepare
15.I need a lot of space to reflect on my own needs and feelings
16.I prefer to have my own space where I can be alone
17.I like it best when I can be in the lead, telling people what to do
18.I get excited easily, and when I'm excited, I don't like to wait
19.I like almost everyone I meet and can befriend and understand people very easily
20.I'm very easy to like, and I can usually get "in" with any group
21.It is important to me that people honour their promises
22.I need to consider all outcomes before I can make a decision
23.It’s important to me that people look up to me
24.My first thought tends to be "What's in it for me?"
25.I'm ready for my test results!

Did you get the result you expected?

Erik Thor

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