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Good And Evil Test

Understand yourself & others

good and evil test, alignment test
1.I would feel ashamed if I hurt or upset someone
2.I would feel anxious if I had done something wrong
3.I would feel angry if someone I loved was hurt
4.I would feel worried if someone I cared about was in danger
5.I would shame someone if they hurt or upset me
6.I would want people to feel pain if they did something wrong
7.I would like people to get angry if I beat them
8.I would want people to feel afraid of hurting or causing me pain
9.I don’t care about hurting or upsetting others
10.It doesn’t matter to me if I make a mistake
11.I don’t care or think about people who are having a difficult time
12.I don’t feel fear or worry about anything
13.I would feel satisfied if I did something good
14.I would feel proud if I managed to help another person
15.I would feel at peace if I reached a goal or completed a project
16.I would feel joy if I survived something scary

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Erik Thor

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