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Hogwarts House Test & Favourite Career in Harry Potter?

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Hogwarts House Test

What Hogwarts House would you be sorted in to and what career would you end up doing the best in? This Harry Potter personality test relies on 32 questions to figure out what classes you would do best in. So are you a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin? Would you do best in Astronomy, Defence against the Dark Arts, Flying or Herbology? Would you be a Magizoologist, a Cursebreaker or Auror?

I hope you'll find it fun and that it will take you back to J.K Rowling's magical world. Imagine yourself walking up moving staircases, performing spells and crafting potions. Imagine yourself battling evil wizards and befriending magical creatures. Let me know in the comment's below what result you get and what you think about the test.

1.I tend to be playful and outgoing in social situations
2.I would be prepared to do anything to succeed at a task
3.I will keep trying out new methods until it works
4.I’d like to make a career around adventure and travel
5.I don't like to be caught ignorant or unaware of something
6.I tend to be controlled and tactful in social settings
7.I’d rather work and save up money before I made a big trip
8.I want to be able to execute any task perfectly
9.I tend to be dominant and loud in social environments
10.I’d love to just go to a new city and start a new life there
11.I tend to be fierce and aggressive during a challenge
12.I can laugh and brush off a mistake easily
13.I want to always be one step ahead of everyone else
14.I love to experiment and be creative
15.I would enjoy gardening and plants
16.I’m excited to learn about new things
17.I tend to be friendly and patient with everyone
18.I’d enjoy going on the hot seat in a trivia show
19.I tend to stay calm in a crisis or difficult situation
20.I often worry about what is to come
21.I would always be prepared and serious during a competition
22.I can be patient with myself until I am done with a task
23.I think it’s important to know your way around nature and various survival techniques
24.I’m always enthusiastic about the future
25.I prefer controlled and careful creativity
26.I’d love to go explore and survive in the wilderness
27.I get anxious when I have to answer a question in front of others
28.I can improvise and have fun during a challenge
29.I like to travel and experience life directly
30.I can be inflexible when executing my ideas and vision
31.I often dream of going on adventures and having thrilling experiences
32.I seek to be 100% independent of others

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Erik Thor

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