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Stormlight Archives Test: What is your Radiant Order?

Understand yourself & others

Surgebinders, Radiant Order Test, Stormlight Archives Test

Brandon Sandersons Stormlight Archives is one of the most epic works of fantasy ever written. In it, there is a detailed system of 10 orders known for unique personality traits and desires.

The people who live in Sandersons world on Roshar can be said to belong to one of these ten orders all known for unique powers and gifts, so called Surges. Your order is based on what you desire to be more than anything else. It does not have to represent who you always are in every point of time. The brave Skybreaker can be cowardly. This is a really interesting way to look at personality types and personal growth. According to the laws of Roshar, we grow in stages, and we start out often as the opposite of the person that we want to eventually become. But over time, we make pledges or promises to ourselves, that change our course and help us become actualised as the best version possible of ourselves. Do you relate to this?

In this way, this is a life path test that will help you find out what your journey is in life and what is most important to you. Are you a Windrunner, searching to become a positive example or a leader figure to others? Are you a Truthwatcher looking to understand the world around you? Or an Edgedancer, looking to find love and kindness in the world?

Want to know more about the system? Read more here.

1.When stressed, I tend to feel weak and like a failure
2.Under stress, I often feel unfairly treated
3.During stress, I can act cowardly
4.Under stress, I can become selfish
5.During lows, I often feel ignorant or stupid
6.Under stress, I can act dishonest or manipulative
7.Stress can cause me to act childishly
8.During lows, I can become self-destructive
9.When stressed, I can become inconsistent and unreliable
10.Stress can cause me to lose faith and feel powerless
11.When in flow, I tend to act like a leader or positive example
12.When at my best, I am fair, instilling a sense of justice in the world
13.During my highs, I am brave and proud
14.During my highs, I tend to be generous and considerate to others
15.When at my best, I am knowing and perceptive
16.During my good days, I tend to be highly creative and honest
17.During my best days, I tend to be wise and principled
18.I feel at my best when I am building or making something
19.During growth, I act with authenticity and high will power
20.At my best, I devote myself to a bigger vision or cause

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Erik Thor

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